This is the site for the specialist business affairs and legal consultancy, Creative Law & Business (CL&B). We take care of the commercial and legal side of the entertainment and media industry.

We represent a diverse group of creative talent and creative businesses working across all media. We are devoted to providing them with the specialist support that they need to protect their intellectual property and make money from it.

The government firmly believes that it will be the creative industries that will bring us out of the recession and is committed to ensuring their continued growth.

We feel likewise. There is an abundance of creative talent and talented entrepreneurs in the UK (particularly in Brighton where we are based). However, until now, it has been very difficult for them to obtain effective professional advice from experienced, commercially minded lawyers, dedicated to supporting creativity.

That’s why we formed CL&B - to serve creative businesses and only creative businesses.

Our goal is to provide advice that will help our clients make sense of the complex legal, business and cultural developments that are occurring as a result of digital technology and the change in consumers’ attitudes to the way in which creative output is consumed and paid for.

CL&B was set up by highly regarded lawyer Dean Marsh who, for 12 years, practised as Dean Marsh & Co. Solicitors. Our consultants are pleased to continue to provide expert advice and services to the clients of Dean Marsh & Co, and welcome new ones.

"Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything".George Lois
“Dean has been with us since the beginning and we've been going for over 15 years now. If anyone knows the ins and outs of running an independent label then it’s him.” JC Reid – MD Skint Records
“It's been invaluable to have the experience of Dean Marsh to call on whilst getting this project in place.” Sue Wincott - Manager, Imperial Leisure
“Dean. A skilled negotiator. Actually so good I consider him to be some kind of magician!” Tristan Longworth. Artist and producer
“Creative Law & Business are different. They're informal and fun to work with but provide a very professional and efficient service. They are also well versed in digital media and marketing, and in our field of business which is online gaming” Gavin Grimes – MD, McBoom
“Creative Law & Business provides a fast, quality and efficient service taking into account an independent record label’s budget in a rapidly changing music industry” CR2 Records
“Things started to go a bit crazy after we were nominated for Best Song at The Ivors. Having Dean on board provided much needed support. CL & B introduced us to our publishing company, Notting Hill, and got us a great deal. ” N Hemming & C Hardy - The Leisure Society
“I was recommended Dean Marsh 3-4 years ago and can honestly say, I was so pleased with the working relationship. Dean always achieved, that I will always pick up the phone to him, with that said, I am looking forward to acquiring Dean's services in the near future.” Leon Jean-Marie
“Dean Marsh was a fantastic ally in our latest record deal ensuring not only the fairest deal for my artist but also the safest for them. We will definitely be using Dean and All at Creative Law for our legal issues” Matt Stuart - Gung-Ho! Management
“Since meeting Dean, we have had the benefit of his enthusiasm, professionalism and general good humour. He's known as one of the good guys, and we hope to keep working with him for years to come.” James de Malplaquet – The Miserable Rich
“Dean’s thorough legal focus coupled with his entrepreneurial ‘go get it’ spirit has helped us take our new product from being merely an idea right up to patent stage in a very short time frame, painlessly and without the extravagant costs usually associated with innovative processes. Without hesitation, we would recommend Dean to any would be inventor.” David McMaster; MD, Just Olive Ltd
“Dean Marsh is an absolutely invaluable ally in a business still populated with sharp practice. He works fast, gets great results, and I would unhesitatingly recommend him to any musician seeking contract advice.” Ashley Slater musician
“Dean has supported me through thick and thin and is always there on hand for advice and manages to explain the intricacies in all aspects of life; from divorces, to art to music and business. p.s Ask him to say Prawns.” Fee Jones - Designer/Stylist - Mrs Jones
“We are pleased that we chose CL & B to advise us on the soundtrack deal with Universal. They were efficient and knowlegeable, and are an excellent value for money service. We look forward to working with them again” F Dwyer & A Posey, Co-Producers, An Education
“Creative Law & Business have not only provided me with sound advice concerning my independent film, Elevator Gods, but also have introduced me to potential funders, talent and producers. I'll certainly be using them again” Pete Hunt - Elevator Gods
“We're very happy with the service provided by Dean Marsh and Creative Law & Business. They really understand the music industry and, in particular, all dance genres including drum n' bass in which we mainly work. ” Scott Bourne & Andy C - Ram Records Ltd
“It was a pleasure working with CL&B. They carried out an excellent job negotiating Kirsty Almeida's agreement with Decca, obtained many improvements on the commercial terms and we're very happy with the result” Mark Denby, Manager – Kirsty Almeida
“Dean Marsh has consistently been our "go to" lawyer in the UK. He has great expertise and relationships in both the Major Label and Indie Label realms. He's also has impeccable taste in music, and a creative mindset...which makes it very easy to communicate nuanced approaches with him. What more can I say than Dean is great.” Jeff Antebi Waxpolitation Management
“It was a pleasure working with Dean; he understands the nature of small businesses in the digital media industry and was quick and efficient in assisting us with creating a contract that suited the needs of our company.” Danielle Huntrods Angular Momentum
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